Roasted coffee

Another section of the system monitors ground coffee degassing times and establishes the destinations of ground coffee.
This is another area in which experience has taught us a great deal about the numerous mistakes that can be made by operators, and time has given us the opportunity to “program out” many potential errors.
Our patented Mole-Track project is a tracking and control system for ground coffee which allows us to make more efficient use of silos with optimum sizes of 1 or 2 tons.
The Chain Conveyor for ground coffee combined with our sealed degassing system utilizing inert gas, requires almost no maintenance and has high resistance against declassification and density change.
For systems with longer routes, a vacuum conveyor belt is used.

– Silos with nitrogen injection
– Degassing silos that feed the vacuum packing machine
– Chain Conveyor
– Vacuum Conveyor
– Dense phase Conveyor

1 grinding mill can fill up to 12 silos.
Totally computerised grinding regulation for each blend chosen.
The machine is easy to use, requires almost no maintenance, and the granulometric spectrum can be set to the customer’s requirements to preserve all the fragrance of the coffee; intelligent unit incorporated in the plant.

Grinding line

MODEL Coffee Grinder type 800/1200
FEEDER With variable speed and thickness.
PROTECTION Against iron parts with a permanent self-cleaning magnet
STRUCTURE Modular structure with 2 individual modular levels (+1 optional) length 80 mm each
ROLLERS Made of very hard centrifuged cast iron, depth 12 mm (1/2″) Reinforced construction. Ø 250 mm (98′)
RUNNING With inert gas (nitrogen or carbon dioxide)
THERMAL EXCHANGE Excellent between coffee and liquid coming from the external cooler on each single roller, with thermostat
COMPACTOR – HOMOGENIZER Independent type, with stainless steel cooling room
DENSITY Can be changed, using a servo-motor to vary the position of the unloading point of the compactor
EXTERNAL PANELS Made of sound-proofing material
CONTROL PANEL ON BOARD Control of motors absorption, rollers gap, cooling liquid temperature, feeder speed and position of bean loading and ground product unloading
SYNOPTIC Liquid crystal
CAPACITY ESPRESSO: kg/h 750 Lbs/h 1.650
MOKA (not fine) kg/h 2000 Lbs/h 4.400
DIMENSIONS Length 2600 mm
Width 1600 mm
Height 3200 mm
WEIGHT 5000 Kg
COMPRESSED AIR Pressure 6 bar