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The experience that SCOLARI ENGINEERING has developed in controlling coffee roasting factories is the outcome of many years at the service of our exacting customers.
The system can rely on an particularly high level of maintenance and troubleshooting. We take account of aspects such as lubrication schedules for bearings, and maintenance records for motors.
Our system uses digitized photographs to assure that work is being performed on the motor for which it is scheduled.
As regards troubleshooting, we are able to detect and flag over 1000 machine faults, frequently before anyone is aware that a problem exists !! Operators or service personnel can view the online manual and printed copies are included with each major type of machinery.
The operator can obtain training and help in real time.
At least one month prior to starting up the system, operators receive advanced training on how to use computers and software.
Our technicians provide further training during installation and start-up, and remain on site for a period of effective operation to solve any problems (START UP).
After a period of machine operation, technicians return to perform a check-up and to make sure that operators fully understand the system.
In the event that a problem cannot be readily solved by the in-house service personnel, we can connect remotely to the entire system network to offer assistance via modem and VPN, from anywhere in the world.


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