Roasted coffee

Once the roasted coffee has been sent to the allocated silo, a roasted batching program takes over; this is very similar to the green coffee batching menu.
From the roasting menu, a schedule can be obtained to make blends by using the computer to introduce the correct percentages of each roasted product into the special blender.
Unlike green coffee, roasted beans are extremely fragile and when allocated to “whole bean” use, are conveyed by pneumatic pulse conveyors with electronic speed control.
The blender is designed to handle the roasted beans with care, as are our roasted bean silos.
Alternatively, if the blender is not required it can be excluded and the computer sends the product to the next phase, whether this is grinding or packing.

– Roasted coffee silos (From 4 to 18 silos each battery)
– Weighing-batching machine
– Discontinuous mixers fed from a batching unit