The roasting systems installed in our customers’ plants are totally computerized and are the end result of 45 years of experience.
Many years of field use have helped us to solve problems that crop up on the less frequent basis, but still contribute greatly to efficient operation, such as sudden breaks in the roasting phase or temporary power cuts in parts of the roasting cycle.
The control software has been developed to suit “espresso” coffee, with medium to dark roasting.
Operating system “Microsoft® Windows 7/10″©, Microsoft® “C” language, Microsoft® “C Sharp” language) and the continual requirements of our customers result in new releases.
The software for the weighing cycle (following roasting) permits a rapid check of yield and, should irregular drops occur, an alarm is triggered to call the operator’s attention to the cycle and warn that of a problem that could also negatively affect future batches. The earlier this is discovered the better!
Samples of each cycle are sent to the QC department for relevant testing, via a pneumatic sampling system.

– Roasting machine
– Modular “skid” construction for rapid assembly
– Our machinery can operate on three shifts
– Roaster supervisor to aid man interface