Support Service for Customers

Scolari engineering offers all its customers a wide range of services.

Our team of specialist technicians actually support companies throughout each phase of the process, from the design phase through to implementation, offering high-level 360 support.

In this section you will find everything you need to know in order to:

  • Get qualified support.
  • Organise maintenance contracts
  • Receive ad hoc advice
Scolarieng Support Portal

The website “” is a single point of contact to open any incident/information from the customers.

Allows full traceability of requests and guarantees transparency in the workflow.

  1. Visit the Support Ticketing Website
  2. Log in to Your Account
    👤 Use your credentials to log in.
  3. Create a New Support Ticket
    Click on “New Issue” to start a new support request.
  4. Provide Details
    📝 Fill in the required fields with accurate information:

    1. Subject: Briefly describe the issue.
    2. Description: Provide detailed information about the problem.
    3. Category: choose category to route to correct department.
  5. Attach Screenshots or Files
    📸 If applicable, attach screenshots or relevant files to help our support team understand the issue better.
  6. Choose Priority
    ⏱️ Select the priority level based on the urgency of the request.
  7. Submit Your Ticket
    🚀 Click on “Create” to send your support ticket.
  8. Track Your Ticket
    🕵️‍♂️ Monitor the status of your ticket on the website.
  9. Check for Updates
    📬 Receive email notifications and check for updates on your ticket for progress.
  10. Contact Support for Urgencies
    📞 If your issue is urgent, contact our support team directly at +3902614561.

In case of electrical/software/mechanical support, please provide serial number of machine and/or part number to ease and reduce the support time for entitled machines.

Support Phone Numbers

Electronical Support dept +39 02 61456.1
Software Support dept +39 02 61456.1
Mechanical support dept +39 02 61456.1
Sales dept +39 02 61456.1
Accounting dept +39 02 61456.1